Elementor Website Updates

A healthy website progresses with your business

A secure site starts with a stable site

Plugins, Theme & WordPress Updates

Each week, we update all softwares on your site for improved security, functionality, and longevity 

License Expiration Notices

Our hosting and maintenance together provide the most secure environment when it comes to downtime, but we will always be watching for any issues.

Unused Software Management

Plugins and themes that aren’t being actively used on your site are still taking up server space, so we’ll monitor for any software that can be deleted

Database Optimization

Over time, WordPress will accumulate post revisions, comments marked as spam, and more that can slow down your site over time and we will clear those out

We'll watch for any errors

Broken Link Scanning

Linking to other pages and sites is great for your users and your SEO but sometimes those URLs change and your link breaks. We’ll watch out for that and notify you when we find them.

Contact Form Testing

Often the very purpose of your site is to get people to fill out a contact form—it is important to have full assurance that your contact form is working.

“Only around 40 percent of WordPress sites are up to date.”