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What's included?

Regular Site Backups

Storing regular backups of your site is essential. Each week, a backup will be made of all website files, as well as daily backups of the database.

Software Updates

The WordPress and plugin developers frequently offer updates to patch vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and add improvements. Regular checks ensure everything is up to date and will keep your website healthy and protected.

Basic Security Management

Your site will be monitored for basic brute force login attempts, file changes, and malicious scanning detection so that intruders get locked out and your site is protected.

Monitoring Downtime & Performance

Occasionally, servers have issues including downtime or slow performance. We can monitor those alerts so that in the event that something does happen, we are notified immediately and can get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Free Website Recovery

In the event of a malicious hacking, code error, or server failure, we have the backup ready and will work to restore your site to full functionality at no extra cost to you.

Plugin Management

With WordPress, over the months there could be the tendency to have outdated or deactivated that shouldn’t remain installed on the website. We’ll keep an eye on those and delete any plugins that don’t need to be installed.

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