The cost of managing your own website

When my friend bought her little red hatchback a few years ago, she was certain she’d made a solid investment. The car was a steal: a reliable make and model, used but in good condition, and it had all-wheel-drive (a boon in Northern Minnesota). She and the car had a very happy six months together. […]

Delete the ASAP: How to plan ahead for your website updates

If you own a business, you may find that you and your team are too often “putting out fires” rather than focusing on the goals you set out to accomplish. In other words, there’s a Godzilla-sized problem, and it’s taking all your resources just to keep it at bay; meanwhile, a small army of ape-sized […]

Why you should think of your website as an employee

It’s no secret that websites are an important part of a business in today’s digital world. But over the years, we’ve noticed that many business leaders treat their website like the awkward unpaid intern that still costs more than they make for the company. But this mentality greatly reduces the output of what could be […]